Detention Light Filling

One of the special areas in the filler bagging in custody, wrinkles and color darkness applied to the filler is called cushion light filling. It is not true that every person should be applied, detention should be evaluated by a specialist physician.


It is the latest technology used in degreasing treatments with controlled vacuum cooling system. This revolutionary technology reduces regional lubrication comfortably and naturally by cooling the treatment site to -5, -10 degrees, with no new bleeding and pain.

Chemical Peeling

Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids obtained from various sources, plants and fruits are the process of revealing the healthier and more vivid layer by providing the peeling and shedding of the upper layer of the worn, lost freshness and brightness made with acids such as lactic, mandelic, salicylic acid.


Skin Diseases

Skin is the largest organ covering our body. Task of the skin comprises of regulating the heat of the body, assisting respiration by making gas exchange and excretion by means of perspiration. Skin is further protecting the body against external impacts and influences....

Nonsurgical Skin Tensioning By Threads

This non-surgical method is carried out and realized by means of surgery strings (catguts). In this operation, it is used such catguts of polydiaxanon (PDO), lactic glycolyde and polyactic acid soluble inside the human body, without any side effects, which could be used reliably in surgical operatio...


This is the latest technology used in fat elimination therapies by means of controlled vacuum cooling system. This revolutionary technology reduces regional fat deposition with ease and through natural ways by means of cooling the area to be treated down to -5, -10 degrees in a blood-free and painle...