Chemical Peeling

This is the operation conducted with the help of Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids obtained from various sources, from herbs and fruits, lactic, mandelic, salisilic acids, deriving a healthier and more lively layer by peeling-off the upper layer of the skin that is worn and has lost freshness and allure. Following the application of peeling, surface of the skin takes a fresh and lucent outlook. A lively and bright expression is generated once the matt image is removed. Acne traces are reduced, blocked pores are opened, enabling the skin to breathe and be rejuvenated. While fine wrinkles are diminished, a fleshy vision appears.

Chemical peeling can treat and cure the lines at the under-eyes and around the mouth, wrinkles caused by the harmful effect of the sun rays and hereditary factors, scar and acne traces, sun and old-age spots, moles, blots caused by birth control pills.

To get the best results from the treatment, application is recommended to be used 6-8 sessions at intervals of 2-4 weeks, whereas to ensure that the skin maintains the freshness it has attained, the application is to be repeated every 2 months. In superficial peelings, rash might evolve on the skin for 3-5 days. Crusts which might arise after the peeling operation should not be peed-off. Humidifying and protective preparations recommended by the physician should be used. Exposure to the sun should be avoided.