Enzymatic Peeling System blot mask and treatment is an effective  method suppressing pigmentation (blot formation) by means of reducing the quantity of melanin in the skin and provides its impact by suppressing the mechanism triggering blot generation on the skin. If the skin is dark colored and the blot is an old one, it becomes quite difficult to obtain a result. It incorporates several advantages like being fit for application to all skin types including brunettes, giving very favorable results within short notice, causing no pain and having no side effects and possible to be implemented at all seasons. In a period of nearly 1 month, the blot is cleansed almost totally and it is generated an apparent livelihood, luminance on the skin, reduction of creases and pores. In the subsequent process, it is of particular essence that the continuation cream as well as sun protective item are to be used in a planned manner to suppress the blot and avoid its re-appearance. Cosmelan- Dermamelan could be used in all areas.

After the skin is cleansed to depth by means of the purifying solution, it is applied on the face Cosmelan or Dermamelan mask of cream base. Such cream based mask remains on the skin for 8-12 hours. After the mask is removed, treatment is continued with upon applying continuation cream, cream with intensive humidifying and restoring features and the skin is strictly supplemented by sun protection agents.