Mesotherapy comprises of a treatment method applied by injecting the skin with special drug mixtures prepared for treatment of localized medical and cosmetic problems.

The target of mesotherapy is making injections to the problem areas with very minor doses of drugs. Injection is made to the mesoderm, the middle layer of the skin. Mesoderm is applied with the purpose skin restoration and skin rejuvenation on the face-neck, decollete-hands, regional slimming, cellulite treatment, hair thinning, treatment of pregnancy creases, blot treatment, treatment of acne traces, treatment of under-eye purple spots. In classical mesotherapy, herbal medications, vitamins, minerals fit for the problem of an individual are prepared in the form of special mixtures. Thanks to the technology developed in the recent years, it is also in use ready-to-use mesotherapy drugs in the form of flacons (mesococktails).


Gentle massage could be practiced after the application. At the area of application, rash, slight irritation and minimal edema could be observed temporarily. It is fully biodegradable/recyclable. Depending on the cause, it is recommended to be applied 2-6 sessions at either weekly intervals or every 15 days.